Threats and challenges to the collective security of eurasia (on the example of the geopolitical cosmology of the south caucasus)



  • Pavel Karabushenko Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, Russia
  • Arushan Vartumyan Pyatigorsk Institute (branch) North-Caucasus Federal University, Pyatigorsk, Russia
  • Tatiana Shebzukhova Pyatigorsk Institute (branch) North-Caucasus Federal University, Pyatigorsk, Russia


geopolitics, cosmology, threats, war and peace, conflict, elites, empires, national interests


The modern world is facing numerous challenges and threats posed by the political realities of international relations.The instability of
them leads to the destruction of the geopolitical world view, which needs constant clarification and adjustment. Geopolitical cosmology, which is engaged in creating a realistic picture of international relations, will help us to give an objective assessment of current international events. The geopolitical analysis of the Eurasian space, where there are always many different kinds of contradictions, threats and conflicts, is of particular interest in this regard. This region has the richest historical traditions, and a modern assessment of the objective political reality is impossible without taking them into account. The authors used a comprehensive
methodological approach, which allows give full consideration to the dynamics of international events and constantly changing geopolitical strategies. The main goal of this study is to analyze the conflicts constantly occurring in this region, which are evidence of the confrontation between the leading powers defending their national interests here. It is in Eurasia that the world "weather" of international relations is formed. It is here the national interests of many leading countries that have nothing to do with this region, but strive to demonstrate their importance, collide. And the countries of this region itself must learn to defend, independently or jointly, their national interests, ensure their security and peacefully resolve urgent conflict situations.