Schoolshooting as a modern form of terrorism in the educational environment



  • Lyudmila Spector Institute of Service and Entrepreneurship (branch) of Don state Technical University in Shakhty, Shevchenko 110, Shakhty city, Rostov region, 346500, Russia
  • Alexander Malyutin Institute for the Service Sector and Entrepreneurship (branch) of the Don State Technical University in Shakhty, Department of Civil Law and Procedure, Shakhty, Russia


schoolshooting, columbine, violence, national security, moral and psychological health of the child, education system


Armed attacks by a student or an outsider the attacks on students and teachers inside the educational institution (schoolshooting), which often lead to mass killings, are becoming an urgent problem of ensuring the safety of children. The article discusses the issue of raising awareness of students, future teachers, about the causes and prevention of schoolshooting. A program is proposed that includes a number of activities aimed at raising students' awareness of the causes, prognostic signs, and prevention of mass killings ineducational organizations, as well as safe behavior in the event of anattack. The article deals with the issues of crime prevention in the educational environment, examines the normative legal acts adopted by various state authorities. The article examines the feasibility of supplementing the Criminal Code with a new article providing for liability for schoolshooting. The relevance of the chosen topic is due to the fact that aggression and violence among young people, in particular, schoolshooting, are becoming more and more active in the modern world, and armed attacks in schools are becoming a frequent phenomenon.