Boot metaphor in the child’s post-traumatic discourse of terrorism



  • Anna Smirnova National Research Institute "Higher School of Economics", School of Foreign Languages, Moscow, Russia


metaphor, metaphorical creativity, emotions, modern literature, discourse of terrorism


The study focuses on the problem of metaphorical conceptualization of emotions by means of the boot metaphor. The analysis is based on the book of J.S. Foer “Extremely loud and incredibly close”. The paper examines the social and cultural context that shapes the interpretation of shoes in general and helps verbalize the post-traumatic discourse of terrorism by using the boot metaphor. The study comments on the metaphorical repertoire of J.S Foer. The methodology includes a descriptive method and a continuous sampling method. The author concludes that the boot metaphor is productive in terms of describing various emotional states within the novel “Extremely loud and incredibly close”. Such boot metaphors are frequently used to describe negative feelings. Research implications lie in enriching the knowledge about the author’s unconventional metaphors for describing emotional state. The findings may be used in the study of the intercultural communication, in the course text theory and the theory of cognitive metaphor.